If You are a Programmer then this is not necessary


If you are a Programmer it is not necessary to have all of the above item
 I am also a programmer I have to create many projects in my coding journey 

When I was starting programming I use to think with having a GitHub account is cool it is not. Guithub is the best platform for programmers to showcase their projects and share them with others. GitHub is a big community of programmers. 

At the second point, I don't have cool coder cloth 😂  still I am a coder. from my point of view, coder cloth is not so important for Programmer.

Having your own app Helps you to make a strong Portfolio of your but having your own app is also not so necessary for a programmer. 

If you are a programmer it is not so important to have your own website. but if you have your own website it creates you strong portfolio

The Discord server Help me many times while doing my project. But I was in staring of Coding discord was not so important of me you are a professional coder then I recommend you have your Discord server.